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     HJDC accepts reservations from our governing localities of: the City of Bristol, Smyth County, and Washington County, Wise County, Lee County, Dickenson County, Scott County, Tazewell County, Buchanan County, Russell County, and the City of Norton. 

     To reserve a bed space for a juvenile, an official of the Court, a CSU representative or probation officer should contact HJDC at (276) 466-7800.

When making a reservation, please be prepared to provide the following information:
(1.)  Juvenile's first, middle, and last name.
(2.)  Juvenile's race and gender.
(3.)  Juvenile's date of birth (and age).
(4.)  Charge(s) against the juvenile.
(5.)  Whether or not the juvenile is on any medication.
(6.)  ICN number.
(7.)  Estimated time the juvenile will arrive at HJDC.

     Prior to the juvenile's arrival at HJDC, please provide us, in person or via facsimile (276-466-7812), a detention order authorizing the detainment of the juvenile at our facility.

     While making the reservation, if there is any information concerning the juvenile that you feel would be relevant to the detainment of the youth, or that may or may not impact our handling of the individual (such as a chronic history of violence), please be sure to inform us of these circumstances before the youth's arrival at HJDC.

     If you are wanting to refer a juvenile to the Post-Dispositional program, you must first fill out a referral form prior to placement.  For instructions and access to all of the required forms, please visit the Post-D page (here).